Kassim Shaaban

Kassim A. Shaaban, Professor of Applied Linguistics
PhD (University of Texas at Austin, 1977);MA (UTA);BA (AUB)

Kassim Shaaban's teaching and research are in the areas of Applied Linguistics and Sociolinguistics. He has had articles published in Journal of Sociolinguistics; Foreign Language Annals; Language, Culture and Curriculum; Journal of Language, Identity, and Education; Language Problems and Language Planning; English Teaching Forum; TESL Reporter; Teaching and Teacher Education. He is currently researching language-related policies in the Arab world, English for specific purposes, and English as an international language. 

Courses he has taught include:

ENGL 346N S.T. Language and Identity
ENGL 345  Language Acquisition
ENGL 233  Introduction to Translation
ENGL 228  Phonetics
ENGL 227  Introduction to Language​