Najla Jarkas

Najla Jarkas, Senior Lecturer 
Ph.D. (Reading University);
MA (Reading University)

Najla Jarkas is a SeniorLecturer in the Department of English at AUB. Her recent research interests are in the fields of Action Research in Academic English courses at AUB, the Literary Fantastic and Digital Humanities.  Since joining AUB in 2008, she has embraced blended learning pedagogy and is currently experimenting with visualization tools and digital timelines in her literature survey classes. 

Courses she has taught include: ‚Äč

ENGL  300     Writing in the Disciplines
ENGL  256D  Doing Digital Humanities
ENGL 256B   Intro. to Digital Humanities
ENGL 209     Introduction to American Literature 
ENGL 207     Introduction to English Literature II
ENGL  205    Introduction to English Literature I
ENGL  204    Advanced Academic English
ENGL  203    ‚ÄčAcademic English