Niamh Kelly

​Niamh Kelly, Assistant Professor   
PhD & MA (University of Texas at Austin) 
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Niamh Kelly is an Assistant Professor of Phonetics in the Department of English.

She completed her PhD in linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin in 2015 and was subsequently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Graz, Austria. She uses quantitative methods to conduct research in phonetics and phonology, with a focus on prosody. Her recent research examined lexical and phrasal intonation in Norwegian from the perspective of both production and perception. She has also conducted research on lexical tone in Burmese and Chatino (spoken in Mexico), and on the effect of duration and glottalization on the perception of rhythm by speakers of American English and speakers of Zapotec. She also has an interest in language variation and how linguistic experience shapes speech perception. She is currently investigating the acoustic correlates of lexical stress in Welsh and Welsh English. This research ties into bilingualism and transfer between a speaker's first and subsequent languages. The overall focus of her research is using the experimental method to investigate all levels of prosody, as well as the effect of language background on speech perception. She is also interested in psycholinguistics, foreign accent and sociophonetics. 

Courses she has taught include: 

ENGL  341    ​Phonology
ENGL  294A  ST.Grammar Linguistic Typology
ENGL  248   Special Topics in English Language
ENGL  228   Phonetics
ENGL  227   Introduction to Language