Sirène Harb

Sirène Harb, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature.
Ph.D (Purdue University, 2002); MA (AUB); BA (AUB)

Sirene Harb's research focuses on inscriptions of race, gender, class, and sexuality in ethnic American, Francophone, and postcolonial literatures. It also probes theories of resistance, acculturation, and hybridization and their role in shaping identity and memory.

Courses she has taught include: 

ENGL  305Q  Poetic Res.: American Texts
ENGL  304H Contemporary Arab American Literature 
ENGL  ​209  Survey of American Literature
ENGL  207   Introduction to English Literature II 
ENGL  201  Survey of American Literature 
ENGL​  226   Contemporary American Literature 
CVSP  204 Contemporary Studies​