In collaboration with the Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages, the Department of English offers a Minor in Translation. See the requirements here​.
For more information, contact Dr. Rana Issa, Assistant Professor Email: ​​

ENGL 108 Beginning Translation 3.0; 3 cr.
An introduction to theories of translation that helps students develop their skills in translation by having them translate texts representing various written and spoken genres from English to Arabic and vice versa. Typical problems involved in such translation are highlighted and discussed. Annually.

ENGL 233 Introduction to Translation 3.0; 3 cr.
A course that familiarizes the student with basic translation theories and offers hands-on opportunities to practice the development of basic translation skills. This course covers topics such as comparative and contrastive linguistics between Arabic and English, computerized translating machines, semiotics, registers, culture, rhetoric, and pragmatics. Annually.

ENGL 262 Advanced Topics in Translation 3 cr.
A course that examines in depth a specific topic of translation using texts of significant cultural value. Texts will vary each semester, and course work will be done in consideration of theories of translation, form and cultural context. Occasionally.​​​