Doyle Avant

Doyle Avant, Assistant Professor, Creative Writing
MFA New York University
BA Brown University 

Doyle is a playwright, fiction writer, solo performer, videographer, and photographer. His plays include: Khmer Amerika, The Last Thing You’ll Ever See, Woyzeck of Sarajevo, and 
Blood Under the Bridge. 
Solo performances include: Radio Silence (Mansion, Beirut 2013), hold me in your arms like a gentle earthquake, Occupied Territories, The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Done, There’s Something I Have to tell You.
He is particularly fascinated by the endlessly recurring Fall of Saigon, The Battle of Algiers (the film and his story) the OAS in the last days of Algerie Francaise, Havana’s ongoing war with time, the back alleys of Phnom Penh, and all manner of imagined memory and autobiographical fiction.

Courses he has taught include:

ENGL 254A Short Film Writing and Production
ENGL 251 Playwriting​
ENGL 239  Sreenwriting
ENGL 236 Creative Writing
ENGL 219 ​Film as Text