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Department of English
Communication Skills

The Communication Skills Program consists of three core courses (ENGL 102, ENGL 203, and ENGL 204) and two specialized courses (ENGL 206 and ENGL 208)

ENGL 100  Intensive English Course A/B
This course is intended for students who have been admitted but have not met the English Language Proficiency Requirement (ELPR). The minimum score for admission to IEC is 375 on the AUB EEE or 490 on the paper-based TOEFL (equivalent to 163 on the computer-based TOEFL [CBT] or 57 on the Internet-based TOEFL [IBT] or 350 on the Writing section of the SAT I). 

Students are placed in either ENGL 100A (15 hours) or ENGL 100B (10 hours) based on their EEE, TOEFL and SAT I Writing scores. Students with scores of 375-449 on the EEE or 490-500 on the TOEFL (163-173 on the CBT or 57-61 on the IBT) or 350 on SAT I writing go into 100A. Those with scores of 450-499 on the EEE or 503-567 on the TOEFL (177-227 on the CBT or 62-87 on the IBT) or 360-370 on the SAT I writing go into 100B.

Students enrolled in the IEC may register for one or two regular university courses (up to a maximum of six credits) depending on whether they are placed in ENGL 100A or ENGL 100B, respectively, thus earning credits toward a degree while working toward achieving the level of English needed in order to carry a full load of courses in the regular program. Such courses are restricted to Arabic and mathematics/statistics/computer literacy courses (maximum six credits) in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and equivalent courses in mathematics and statistics in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, the School of Business, and the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Students usually complete the IEC in one or two semesters. A student who fails to pass IEC by the end of the second semester loses his/her admission to the University. A student in the IEC program is subject to the same attendance requirements as all other AUB students. Each semester.

ENGL 102  Enrichment Course in English 3.0; 3 cr.*
A course that offers instruction in the writing of short essays of various expository types (e.g., description, comparison and contrast, cause and effect). This course emphasizes communicative fluency and accuracy. Throughout the course students are involved in authentic communicative and academic tasks, such as class discussions, informal debates, and oral presentations.  Prerequisite: 500-530 on the EEE or 573-587 on the TOEFL (230-240 on the CBT or 88-95 on the IBT) or a grade of 60-69 in English 100.  Each semester.

ENGL 203  Academic English 3.0; 3 cr.
A course that continues to develop students' communication skills, presenting them in an academic context. Students are offered instruction and training in analytical reading and writing of expository and argumentative essays, as well as in note-taking, especially summarizing and outlining from readings.  Prerequisite: 531-569 on the EEE or 590- 653 on the TOEFL (243-280 on the CBT or 96-115 on the IBT) or ENGL 102, or a grade of 70 or above in English 100.  Each semester.

ENGL 204  Advanced Academic English 3.0; 3 cr.
A course designed to provide rigorous training in reading comprehension, synthesis, critiquing, and research skills. Although ENGL 204 builds on many of the skills learned in ENGL 203, it differs in that it encourages more advanced independent research as well as writing and discussion in relation to a variety of issues across the curriculum.  Prerequisite: 570+ on the EEE or 657+ on the TOEFL (283+ on the CBT or 116+ on the IBT) or ENGL 203. This course does not count toward graduation for students in FEA.  Each semester.

ENGL 206  Technical English 3.0; 3 cr.
A course that introduces students to technical English used for communication in their fields. This course focuses on reading, writing, oral communication activities, and preparation and presentation of technical reports.  Prerequisite: 570+ on the EEE or 657+ on the TOEFL (283+ on the CBT or 116+ on the IBT) or ENGL 203. This course counts toward graduation only for students in FEA.  Each semester.

ENGL 208  English for International Business 3.0; 3 cr.
A course designed to increase the proficiency of students in English within the context of business affairs and needs. The focus of this course is on business and management data, as well as on utilizing varied forms of communication for the purpose of transmitting information.  Prerequisite: ENGL 204. For business majors only.  Each semester.

*For undergraduate students who were admitted to classes other than Freshman, the grade on ENGL 102 will be calculated in the term average and its credits but not in the overall average (GPA) and overall credits.

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