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Department of English
Language and Literature


Allen, Ira James Assistant Professor

- rhetorical theory, histories and ethics of rhetoric, democratic political theory and constitutionalism, pragmatist philosophy, translation, multimodal composing, composition theory and pedagogy

Mejcher-Atassi, Sonja Associate Professor/Chair

- comparative literature; modern and contemporary Arabic literature; book history and art; collection and museum studies; cultural memory and history; aesthetics and politics/political dissidence

Avant, Doyle Assistant Professor
 - multi-media solo performance, the Fall of Saigon, the Fall of Phnom Penh, the Fall of Bobby Kenndy, Havana Falling, The Battles of Algiers, The Stranger, imagined memory, autobiographical fiction.

Choueiri, Lina Professor

- syntax of Arabic dialects
Currell, David Assistant Professor

- early modern literature and culture; Shakespeare; Tudor and Stuart drama; Milton; 17th-century literature; epic, satire, and genre theory; classical studies
Gonsalves, Joshua David Associate Professor

- British Romanticism; cinema studies; geopolitics; military historicism;
literary/cultural/critical theory.

Harb, Sirene Associate Professor

- comparative Literature (Contemporary American and Postcolonial Literatures ); Comparative Ethnic Studies (Arab-American and African-American Studies); Gender Studies and Race Theory

Hodapp, James M.  Assistant Professor

-African literature, Postcolonial Studies, World Literature, Caribbean Literature, Gender, Graphic Novel, Pedagogy, Empire, Transnationalism, Globalization
Hout, Syrine C. Professor

- contemporary Anglophone Lebanese fiction and non-fiction, travel literature/theory, orientalist discourse.


Issa,Rana  Assistant Professor


-Translation studies, Nahda studies, Comparative and Arabic Literature, Literary history, Syrian Literature, Bible Studies,  History of Foundational Texts, Arabic Language Ideologies, Lexicology, Sociolinguistics, Theatre Studies

Jarkas, Najla Lecturer


- blended learning pedagogy; the Literary Fantastic and Digital Humanities;visualization tools and digital timelines         

Kelly, Niamh Assistant Professor

- Phonetics, phonology, prosody (intonation, tone, stress, rhythm), phonation, psycholinguistics, sociophonetics
Mehmood Ali, Tariq Assistant Professor

- fiction writing; South Asian history, politics and literature; Black British history politics and literature;  progressive writers;  anti-racism;  anti-imperialism; radical documentary film;  unwritten languages; folklore and storytelling

Myers, Robert Professor

- playwriting; creative writing; 20th-century American literature and theatre; Latin American literature; modern world literature and theatre; 20th-century British and Irish theatre; Brazilian arts and culture; translation; orientalism in the arts

Nassar, Christopher Senior Lecturer

- Oscar Wilde, decadence, classical literature (Homer, Virgil, Herodotus, Sophocles)
Nish, Jennifer Assistant Professor

- transnational feminism; public rhetoric; digital activism; new media; activist publics; feminist rhetorics; spreadable genres

Pill, John Assistant Professor    


- language testing, languages for specific purposes, English for medical purposes, second language pedagogy, language learner autonomy
Saad Khalaf, Roseanne Associate Professor

- creative writing: nonfiction (life narratives, youth narratives, memoirs); fiction; contemporary Lebanese and Anglophone Lebanese fiction and nonfiction, children's literature, editing

Shaaban, Kassim A. Professor

- language policies; attitudes and motivation; language and identity; cooperative learning
Vermy, Michael Assistant Professor
- language and power; language attitudes; multi-lingualism; sociolinguistics: language choice, regional and social variation; anthropological linguistics: language ideologies, language and identity, language and gender; Romance Linguistics: Spanish, French and Portuguese linguistics (including dialectology)

Waterman, Adam J. Assistant Professor

- early American literature and culture; race, capitalism, and empire; the representation of Islam in American literature; indigeneity and nationality; historiography as ritual in American culture

Wrisley, David J. Associate Professor

- comparative medieval literatures (European and Arabic), translation, historical writing, medieval love theory, dream vision, Mediterranean studies, digital humanities
Zenger, Amy A. Associate Professor

- composition theory and practice; critical race theory; relationships between visual and verbal texts; popular culture and literacy


Zimmerman, Erin Assistant Professor


-writing across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines, composition theory and pedagogy, visual communication


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