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Department of English

Gender Studies at AUB is an interdisciplinary initiative that fosters cross-disciplinary teaching and research on the role of gender in society and its intersection with other social forces and identities. Through a variety of courses, students learn how different academic fields and disciplines view the operation of gender in the labor market, social movements, the family, healthcare, political systems, and cultural productions and representations. Undergraduate students across the University can receive a minor in Gender Studies by completing these requirements.

Launched in 2016, the initiative for Gender Studies is committed to further AUB’s liberal arts education by foregrounding gender as a site of intellectual inquiry, critical thinking, and creative exploration. Students will question common-sense understandings of gender and explore its material, cultural, and political realities in a variety of social and historical contexts.

Students can choose from a broad and growing range of course offerings in health sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, which include Gender & Violence, Sex, Gender & Media in the Middle East, Queer & Post-Queer Theories of Gender, Sexuality and Ability, Gender in Classical Islamic Society, Sexuality & Public Health, and Gender & Language.

For more information on Gender Studies at AUB contact Dr. Sara Mourad at 

Courses for Minor in Gender Studies (2016-17)

ENGL 234: Gender and Language
ENGL 258: Gender and Sexuality
ENGL 261: Queer and Post-Queer Theories of Gender, Sexuality and Ability
HIST 262: Gender in Classical Islamic Society
HIST 271: Race, Class and Gender: Introduction to American Social History
SOAN 217: Anthropology of the Body
SOAN 223: Social Inequalities: Conflict and Consensus
SOAN 224: Sexuality and Society
SOAN 225: Gender and Culture
SOAN 239A: Gender and Society in the Middle East
SOAN 240: Seminar in Human Rights and Cultural Differences
MCOM 290: Sex, Gender and Media in the Middle East
EPHD 334: Reproductive Health
HPCH 200: Gender and Violence
HPCH 202: Sexuality and Public Health



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