​Staff directory

Leila Attieh - Jebara
Secretary (CSP)
Extension: 4121​ (Reynolds Hall, Room 438​)
Email address: ​

Yolla Haidar Issrawi
Extension: 4090/4091 (Fisk Hall, Room 341)
Email address:

Marwa El-Roz Ramadan
Administrative Officer
Extension: 4093 (Fisk Hall, Room​ 345)
Email address:

Yusuf  Tumih
IT Technician
Extension: 3110 (Fisk Hall, Room 302)
Email address: 


Affiliate Researchers

Catherine Hansen

Affiliate Researcher 2014-2015
PhD in comparative literature (Princeton University);

Catherine Hansen researches, translates, and writes on French and Romanian avant-garde and modernist literature and Japanese literature in the Department of Comparative Literature at Princeton University. Her work has appeared in L’Esprit Créateur, Dada/Surrealism, ART Margins, The American Reader, Cabinet and Inventory.