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​​The requirements for a BA degree in Language or Literature are 90 credits for students entering the department at the sophomore level, including 39 credits of major English courses.

Both literature and language majors may also take courses leading to the teaching diploma. The requirements for the teaching diploma are specified under the catalogue section Department of Education.

For university requirements, please check the catalogue section Department of English​​​​.

    BA in Literature


    The new requirements for literature majors ​are as follows: ENGL 205, ENGL 207, ENGL 209 (formerly 201), ENGL 212, ENGL 221, ENGL 229, ENGL 238, one comparative literature course chosen from ENGL 240-243 and four additional courses chosen from among those numbered ENGL 210 to
    ENGL 291 and 294 In their senior year, they must take ENGL 292.

    New recommended sequence for Literature majors: Literature majors are recommended to take
    ENGL 229 in their first year of study as well as ENGL 205, 207 and 209 (formerly 201) while they
    are taking ENGL 203. Once they have completed ENGL 203, they may take ENGL 221, preferably
    in the second year. They are recommended to take ENGL 238 immediately following ENGL 204.
    ENGL 292 must be taken in the senior year

    Sample Course Syllabus​

    BA in Language


    The requirements for language majors are as follows: ENGL 227 (Introduction to Language), ENGL 228 (Phonetics), ENGL 229 (History of the English Language), ENGL 230 (Language in Society) or ENGL 232 (Psycholinguistics), ENGL 237 (Creative Non-Fiction) or ENGL 238 (Advanced Academic Writing), ENGL 231 (Modern English Grammar) or ENGL 294 (Advanced English Grammar), and three additional courses chosen from among the department’s language offerings; in literature, ENGL 212 and two courses chosen from ENGL 201, ENGL 205, and ENGL 207, and one additional course from among those numbered ENGL 210 to ENGL 292, including creative writing courses

    Sample Course Syllabus

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