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The vision of EPI is to identify and activate the available resources through collaborative efforts to improve the resilience of the Lebanese community to earthquake disasters.


The mission of EPI is to bring together active faculty members and motivated students from wide range of disciplines; geology, geophysics, social science, education, psychology, geography, media and communication, engineering, architecture, heath science, nursing, economy, management, medicine and others to foster collaboration among AUB faculties while focusing on disaster risk reduction, community preparedness and resilience issues.


EPI aims to:

  • Promote a culture of safety through formal and informal education
  • Enhance the resilience of Lebanon to earthquake disasters through community engagement activities
  • Conduct multidisciplinary research related to disasters (risk, vulnerability, response, management, recovery, etc..)
  • Generate funds for projects, activities  and research through grant proposals
  • Motivate graduate students to involve in the research and publication activities
  • Advocate for the integration of disaster risk education at AUB
  • Deliver information through EPI Website directly to the public regarding disasters
  • Organize regional yearly conference on disaster risk reduction
  • Build collaborative relationships with potential partners

In order to achieve the above objectives, EPI will be organized to operate through the following:

  1. Disaster research and grants division: The aim of this division is to motivate and assist AUB faculty members from various faculties and departments to work collaboratively on research topics that aim at reducing disasters’ risk in Lebanon.
  2. Earthquake disaster prevention disision: The aim of this division is to improve public attitude, knowledge and behavior regarding earthquake risks through education, media technology and training activities.
  3. Disaster volunteering division: The aim of this division is to facilitate and promote involvement of volunteers on AUB campus in light rescue mission or other tasks needed for disaster response through training programs and awareness campaigns. ​

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