Earthquake Preparedness Initiative
  • Overview

    ​​​Earthquake Preparedness Initiative (EPI) is a newly established program under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the American University of Beirut in March 2014 by Dean P. McGreevy , Dr. H. Baytiyeh of the Education Department, Dr. A. Elias of the Geology Department and T. Haase of the Political Studies and Public Administration Department. The program is one of its kind and the first to be launched in Lebanon; it is devoted to the social and scientific studies of disasters in general and earthquakes in particular.

    • EPI aims to conduct research projects and activities on community awareness and preparation for, response to, and recovery from earthquakes with the scope that such research will be extended later on to include other kinds of natural and manmade crises.

    • All research topics are intended to yield both basic scientific knowledge on disasters and information that can be applied to develop more effective plans and policies to reduce disaster impacts.

    • In addition, EPI will serve as a resourceful database and information program regarding past and future earthquakes and their impacts on Lebanese community, and it will organize research conferences focusing on earthquake disaster issues in Lebanon and the East Mediterranean region.