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Art History Program

​The Art History program trains students in skills, concepts, and capabilities related to research and teaching in art history, theory, curating and criticism. It prepares students for graduate school, as well as careers in museum work, teaching, art journalism, curating, and art publishing.


Students who graduate with a BA in Art History will be able to:

1.         Describe the art, culture, and institutions of various periods and places.

2.         Carry out visual analysis of art.

3.         Conduct art historical research on art and its theories.

4.         Explain a variety of art theories.

5.         Apply art theories to an analysis of art.

6.         Critique art and texts.

7.         Argue persuasively about art using well founded reasoning.

9.         Develop new interpretations of art history and theory.

The requirement for a BA degree in art history is 90 credits for students entering the department at the sophomore level. The distribution of these courses is as follows:



University General Education Requirements 

The General Education requirements are 9 credits of ENGL 203, ENGL 204, ARAB 201 or other, 12 credits of Humanities, 3 credits from CVSP sequence I, 3 credits from CVSP sequence II, 6 credits from the list of approved courses in the humanities, 6 credits of Social Sciences, 6 credits of Natural Sciences, and 3 credits of Quantitative Thought.

Elective Requirements

These requirements are any one course (3 cr.) from the following group: PHIL 217, GRDS 231, SOAN 250, ARCH 033, or equivalent.​

Free Electives Outside the Department 

Theater and music courses in the department may be allowed.​
12 cr (15 cr. for students exempt from the Arabic requirement)


Major Courses

The major courses include 39 credits to be taken in the department as follows:

  • AHIS 203, AHIS 204, AHIS 208, and AHIS 207 or AHIS 209
  • AHIS 224, AHIS 251, and AHIS 252
  • AHIS 284 and AHIS 285
  • Four further courses in Art History, of these, a maximum of two Studio Arts courses may be taken to replace up to two Art History courses


Students who wish to minor in Art History, are required to take 15 credits of the following: 

  • 6 credits chosen from AHIS 203, AHIS 204, AHIS 207, AHIS 208, AHIS 209, or pre-approved equivalents (listed in the FAAH catalogue)
  • 6 credits chosen from AHIS 221, AHIS 224, AHIS 225, AHIS 226, AHIS 227, AHIS 249, AHIS 263, AHIS 281
  • 3 credits from AHIS 250, AHIS 251, AHIS 252, AHIS 284, or approved alternate (prior approval of an alternate must be secured from the Art History program).


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