Dr. Ghalya Saadawi

Dr. Ghalya Saadawi (PhD Sociology, Goldsmiths University, 2015)

Areas of research and interest include contemporary art theory; art and theories of globalization and transnationalism; art and law; critical theory; aesthetics and politics; Lebanese visual art and film; critiques of contemporary art and its practical transformations especially in light of accelerationism, speculative philosophies, among others. Saadawi has taught several courses on 20th and 21st art, with an emphasis on Marxist and critical theory. At FAAH, these have included: Art Now; Euro-American Art since 1945; Contemporary and Theory; Theories of Modern Art; Introduction to Art after the Lebanese Wars. In addition, Saadawi teaches at the Department of Visual Arts at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA), University of Balamand, and is faculty at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI). Between 2015-17, she was Resident Professor of Ashkal Alwan’s art study program, the Home Workspace Program (HWP). She is co-editor of Makhzin, a young magazine for new writing http://makhzin.org, and is affiliated with the Beirut Institute for Critical Research and Analysis (BICAR) http://www.bica​r-lebanon.org/.
​Dr. Ghalya Saadawi
Lecturer Art History
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