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Main field-based research work is in the broad area of Mineralogy – Petrology – Geochemistry. Mineralogy includes mineral chemistry and mineral paragenesis, as well as rare-metal mineralization. Petrology includes volcanology, petrogenesis of various magmatic (volcanic-plutonic) complexes, their petrological, chemical, and isotopic evolution, and the tectonic regimes of magma emplacement. Geochemistry includes major and minor elements, rare-earth elements, and isotope geochemistry. Research work included magmatic complexes in various Canadian regions (Madoc, Elliot Lake, Sudbury (Ontario), British Columbia, Insular Newfoundland, central-eastern Labrador & southeastern Quebec), in the southeastern USA, in some parts of Egypt (the Nubian Shield exposed in northern and central parts of eastern Egypt), in Syria (the Ras-Bassit region and the Euphrates and Tigris regions of northeastern and northwestern Syria), and various (northern, central & south-eastern) parts of Lebanon. This line of research helps in defining the magmatic-tectonic stages of evolution of the continental crust and its mineral deposits and has significant implications for the mining industry. 

Examples of projects and Recently published research:

Principal investigator: A. Abdel-Rahman

Abdel-Rahman, A.M. (2021). Petrogenesis of a rare Ediacaran tonalite-trondhjemite-granodiorite suite, Egypt, and implications for Neoproterozoic Gondwana assembly. Geological Magazine 158, 701-722.

Abdel-Rahman, A.M. (2019). Geochemistry, age and origin of the Mons Claudianus TTG batholith (Egypt): insight into the role of Pan-African magmatism in uniting plates of Gondwana. Geological Magazine 156, 969-988.       

Abdel-Rahman, A.M. (2016): Mineralogy of the Neoproterozoic epidote-bearing TTG suite, Mons Claudianus batholith (Egypt) and implications for synorogenic magmatism. Mineralogical Magazine 80, 1291-1314.  

Current projects:

Geochronology and geochemistry of alkaline A-type magmatism and implications for shear-related extensional tectonics during orogeny.

Projects: academic research experience internships for Geology undergraduate students:

1. Petrography and mineralogy of strategic-metal rich plutonic-volcanic caldera complex from Labrador, Canada

2. Mineralogy of rare-earth and zircon-rich anorogenic alkaline granitic complexes from Egypt

3. Mineralogy of prehnite-bearing ophiolitic gabbro from eastern Egypt

4. Geochemical data processing, data interpretation, and scientific writing​

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