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    • Mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry research focus on mineral chemistry and mineral paragenesis of various mineral phases crystallizing from magmatic systems. It also includes the nature, source, and origin of the various peralkaline to peraluminous, and mafic to a felsic spectrum of magmatic complexes, their petrological, chemical, and isotopic evolution, and the tectonic regimes of magma emplacement, as well as rare-metal mineralization. This line of research helps in defining the magmatic-tectonic stages of evolution of the continental crust and its mineral deposits (Dr. A. Abdel-Rahman). 

    • Geophysics and Petrophysics research are focused mainly on the deep 3-D crustal and upper mantle structures using seismological data (phase arrivals, regional, and teleseismic waveforms) from local, regional, and global earthquakes in order to delineate anomalous structures and the deep velocity anomalies and their impact on the occurrence of major destructive earthquakes. The research also integrates and combines such data with exposed major structural features in Northeastern Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, etc. In addition, the research also deals with the petrophysical and geotechnical characteristics of sedimentary rocks and their applications in the oil industry and engineering domains (Dr. M. Salah).  

    • Hydrogeology research focuses on the development of new methods for the assessment of the quantitative vulnerability of karst aquifers including numerical simulation of integrated karst systems, characterization of fast and slow pathways in karst aquifers, and the characterization of transport behavior using specific indicators (Dr. Joanna Doummar).  

    • Micropaleontology focuses on the study of remnants of minute ancient organisms (microfossils) that once lived on Earth through geological periods. The combination of micropaleontology with other geological disciplines such as sedimentology (petrographic and geochemical studies of sedimentary rocks) and stratigraphy (the study of the arrangement of layered sedimentary rocks) allows reconstructing ancient environments and providing relative ages of sedimentary rocks (biostratigraphy). The current research in Lebanon is based on a multidisciplinary study (micropaleontology, sedimentology, biostratigraphy, and paleoecology) of Cretaceous non-marine rocks (located in Mount Lebanon), and Neogene lacustrine deposits (located in the Beqaa Valley) with the aim to develop regional lithological correlations, paleoenvironmental reconstructions as well as basin evolution models. These research activities are integrated with an international project in collaboration with other universities focused on the study of pre-Quaternary non-marine microfossils (charophytes) from the Middle East, Europe, and America in order to perform paleobiogeographic analyses and intercontinental non-marine basin correlations (Dr. J. Sanjuan). 

    • Structural Geology and tectonics current research interests include topics such as: Understanding the timing of the structural evolution of the Lebanese Restraining Bend. Understanding the current tectonic activity of the main fault branches in Lebanon and their impact on the seismic hazard of the country. Investigating the tectonic activity of the E-W trending faults in Lebanon and their impact on current and potential hydrological dam projects. (Dr. Tony Nemer).  

    • Micropaleontology and stratigraphy research is focused on oceanic nutrient cycling, ecology, and climate. It also includes the study of the stratigraphy of calcareous nannofossils in Lebanese sections, and Plankton evolution (Dr. Ali Haidar). 


    Dr. Joanna Doummar

    • Doummar J., Hassan Kassem A., and Gurdak J.J., 2018. Impact of historic and future climate on spring recharge and discharge based on an integrated numerical modelling approach: Application on a snow-governed semi-arid karst catchment area.  Journal of Hydrology.

    • Doummar, J., and Aoun, M. 2018. Assessment of the origin and transport of four selected emerging micropollutants sucralose, Acesulfame-K, gemfibrozil, and iohexol in a karst spring during a multi-event spring response. Journal of contaminant hydrology.
    • Doummar, J., Margane A., Geyer T., and Sauter M. 2018. Assessment of key transport parameters in a karst system under different dynamic conditions based on tracer experiments: the Jeita karst system, Hydrogeology Journal. DOI: 10.1007/s10040-018-1754-x
    • Doummar, J., and Aoun, M. 2018. Occurrence of selected domestic and hospital emerging micropollutants on a rural surface water basin linked to a groundwater karst catchment. Journal of Environmental Sciences. pp. 77: 351.
    • Safi A., El-Fadel, M., Doummar, J.  Alameddine, I., Abou Najm, M. 2018. Synergy of climate change and local pressures on saltwater intrusion in coastal urban areas: Effective adaptation for policy planning". Water International. v. 43/2- p 145-164
    • Margane, A., Margane A., Raad R., Makki I, Abi Rizk J, Doummar J., Koniger P., Hahne K., Stoekel L. Hydrogeology Of The Jeita Groundwater Catchment" , Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B , 2018.

    Dr. Josep Sanjuan 

    • Salah, M.K., Janjuhah, H.T. and Sanjuan, J. Title: ​Pore structure and particle size characterization of Upper Cretaceous/Cenozoic carbonate rocks from southern Lebanon. 
      Journal (title, volume, start and end page): Journal of Earth Sciences (in the press, DOI: 10.1007/s12583-020-1057-8).Year: 2020 
    • Vicente, A., Sanjuan, J., Eaton, J. and Villanueva-Amadoz, U.Title: Oldest report of North American Lychnothamnus and their implications on its ecological evolution and regional distribution. 
      Journal (title, volume, start and end page): Aquatic Botany (in the press, DOI: 10.1016/j.aquabot.2020.103271).Year: 2020    
    • Sanjuan, J. and Soulié-Märsche, I. Title: New charophyte assemblage from middle Miocene lacustrine deposits of Moneva (Ebro Basin, Spain). 
      Journal (title, volume, start and end page): Geobios 59, 79‒90.Year: 2020    
    • Tosal, A., Valero, L., Sanjuan, J. and Martín-Closas, C.Title: Influence of short- and long-term climatic cycles on floristic change across the Eocene-Oligocene boundary in the Ebro Basin (Catalonia, Spain).
      Journal (title, volume, start and end page): Comptes Rendus Palevol 18, 925‒947.Year: 2019
    • Sanjuan, J., Alqudah, M. Neubauer, T., Holmes, J. and Khairallah, C.M.Title: Palaeoenvironmental evolution of the Late Miocene Paleolake at Zahle (Bekaa Valley, Lebanon). 
      Journal (title, volume, start and end page): Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 524, 70‒84.Year: 2019                                                                                                                                   
    • Alqudah, M., Monzer, A., Sanjuan, J., Salah, M. and Alhejoj, I.K.Title: Calcareous nannofossil, Nummulite, and ostracod assemblages from Paleocene to Miocene successions in the Bekaa Valley (Lebanon) and its palaeogeographic implications. 
      Journal (title, volume, start and end page): Journal of African Earth Sciences 151, 182‒194.Year: 2019
    • Tosal, A., Sanjuan, J. and Martín-Closas, C. Title: Foliar adaptations of Rhus asymmetrica sp. nov. from the Oligocene of Cervera (Catalonia, Spain). Palaeoclimatic implications. 
      Journal (title, volume, start and end page): Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 261, 67‒80.Year: 2019
    • Sanjuan, J., Vicente, A., Flor-Arnau, N., Cambra, J., Martín-Closas, C. 2017. Effects of light and temperature on Chara Vulgaris gyrogonite productivity and polymorphism. Paleoenvironmental implications. Phycologia 56 (2): 204-212. 
    • Sanjuan, J., Eaton, J. 2017. Charophyte flora from the Claron Formation (Aquarius Plateau, Southwestern Utah). Biostratigraphic implications. Micropaleontology 62(4): 323-330. 
    • Sanjuan, J., Eaton, J., Rafferty, K., Biek, R. 2017. Charophyte flora from the Brian Head Formation, Southwestern Utah, and its biostratigraphic implications. Micropaleontology 63 (1): 1-14.
    • Martín-Closas, C., Vicente, A., Pérez-Cano, J., Sanjuan, J., Bover-Arnal, T., 2018. On the earliest occurrence of Tolypella (Section Tolypella) in the fossil record and age of major clades in extant Characeae. Botany Letters 165 (1): 23-33.
    • Tosal, A., Sanjuan, J., Cartañà, J., Martín-Closas, C. 2018. Taphonomy and palaeoecology of the uppermost Eocene flora from Sarral (Eastern Ebro Basin). Palaeoclimatic implications. Paleogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 497: 66-81 
    • Sanjuan, J., Alqudah, M. 2018. Charophyte flora from Miocene deposits of Zahle (Beeka Valley, Lebanon). Biostratigraphic, Palaeoenvironmental, and Palaeobiogeographical implications. Geodiversitas 40 (10): 195-209.

    Dr. Wisam Khadra

    • Khadra W.M., 2020. Authenticity of bottled water chemical composition inferred from brand labels: example of the Lebanese market.  Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 93: 103609.​
    • Khadra W.M., Stuyfzand P.J., 2020. Problems and promise of managed recharge in karstified aquifers: the example of Lebanon. Water International 45(1): 23-38. ​​​.
    • Khadra W.M., Stuyfzand P.J., 2018. Simulation of saltwater intrusion in a poorly karstified coastal aquifer in Lebanon (Eastern Mediterranean). Hydrogeology Journal 26: 1839–1856.
    • Khadra W.M., Stuyfzand P.J., Khadra I.M., 2017. Mitigation of saltwater intrusion by ‘integrated fresh-keeper’ wells combined with high recovery reverse osmosis. Science of the Total Environment 574: 796-805.
    • Khadra W.M., Stuyfzand P.J., van Breukelen B.M., 2017. Hydrochemical effects of saltwater intrusion in a limestone and dolomitic limestone aquifer in Lebanon.  Applied Geochemistry 79: 36-51.

    Dr. Mohamed Salah

    • Salah M. K., Alqudah, M., El-Al, A.A., Barnes, C., 2018. Effects of porosity and composition on seismic wave velocities and elastic moduli of Lower Cretaceous rocks, central Lebanon. Acta Geophysica. 
    • Karaoğlu, Ö., Browning, J., Salah, M. K., Elshaafi, A., Gudmundsson, A., 2018. Depths of magma chambers at three volcanic provinces in the Karlıova region of Eastern Turkey. Bulletin of Volcanology, 80:69.
    • Lemnifi, A. A., Elshaafi, A., Karaoğlu, Ö., Salah, M. K., Aouad, N., Reed, C. A., Yu, Y., 2017. Complex seismic anisotropy and mantle dynamics beneath Turkey. Journal of Geodynamics, 112, 31-45. 
    • Karaoğlu, Ö., Elshaafi, A., Salah, M. K., Browning, J., Gudmundsson, A.,  2017. Large-volume lava flows fed by a deep magmatic reservoir at Ağrı Dağı (Ararat) volcano, Eastern Turkey, Bulletin of Volcanology, 79:15, doi:  10.1007/s00445-016-1098-0 
    • Tawfik, H. A., Salah, M. K., Maejima, W., Armstrong-Altrin, J. S., Abdel‐Hameed, A‐M. T., El Ghandour, M. M., 2017. Petrography and geochemistry of the Lower Miocene Moghra sandstones, Qattara Depression, north Western Desert, Egypt. Geological Journal, 53:1938–1953.  
    • Salah, M. K., 2017. Lithospheric structure of southeast Anatolia from joint inversion of local and teleseismic data, Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica 61, 703-727, doi: 10.1007/s11200-016-1240-7

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