Department of Geology

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Department of Geology at the American University of Beirut is committed to providing the best Geoscience education in the Middle East, via its emphasis on excellence in teaching, and engaging students in research. The aim is to prepare our students to fulfill the needs of this region in terms of its geological nature, petroleum, mineral, and groundwater resources. ​With the structure of our courses which includes laboratory components, field trips, term papers, oral presentations, and problem-solving assignments, we train our students to observe, analyze, critically evaluate, think independently, and derive their own conclusions. We emphasize the development of the conceptual apparatus, and the unbiased and accurate reporting of field and laboratory data (observation) and its significance in reaching a correct interpretation. In this manner, we promote high ethical professional standards, character, and scientific integrity. The program prepares our students to be life-long learners and well-rounded individuals, who can lead successful careers in the areas of energy and petroleum resources, hydrogeology, mining, geotechnical sciences, and related fields.