Geology Domains

​​Geologists are interested in the earth as it is today. They look at the spectacular processes, such as volcanoes and earthquakes, as well as the slower, less dramatic forces of uplift and erosion, that are shaping the earth. Geologists are also involved in the discovery, development, and production of mineral deposits, fossil fuels, and groundwater. Our focus is on knowledge, resources, the environment, and the future. Geologists even look beyond the earth at the structures that can be seen on other planets. They record events that took place in the past, such as how the continents moved, how mountains formed, and how life began and developed. Geologists are also interested in the earth as it will be in the future. In this increasingly crowded world, we have to know such things as sea-level and climate changes and the adequacy of recourses for everybody.

Current major areas of employment for AUB geologists include The Petroleum industry, Geotechnical engineering domains, Quarrying, Hydrogeology, Research centers, and government institutions, Industrial mineral geology, Environmental geology, GIS remote sensing, Geophysics, and Exploration.