Bachelors Degree in Arab and Middle Eastern History


Students majoring in history must complete a minimum of 39 credit hours in the department, including research and historiographical seminars HIST 286, HIST 287, HIST 291, and HIST 292. In fulfillment of university General Education requirements, majors must also take an array of additional courses, including the following: English Communication Skills (6 cr.), Arabic Communication Skills (3 cr.), Humanities (12 cr.), Social Sciences (6 cr.), Natural Sciences (6 cr.), and Quantitative Thought (3 cr.).  Students also have the opportunity to explore new fields of study through elective coursework.

Sample Course Selection

For a complete list of course descriptions please refer to the latest edition of the AUB Catalogue.

HIST 104 History of the Arabs and the Middle East

HIST 211 Muhammad and the Origins of Islam

HIST 217 Slaves and Soldiers: The Mamluk Sultanate, 1250–1517

HIST 230 Iran: State, Society, and Religion, 1501–1722

HIST 238 Ottoman State and Society, 1600–1923 

HIST 242 A Social History of the Modern Middle East: 1800–1980

HIST 245 History of Lebanon from 634 to 1920 A.D.

HIST 254 History of Europe from 1618 to 1815

HIST 257 The Contemporary World Since 1914

HIST 262 Women and Gender in Classical Islamic Society

HIST 273 The United States and the Middle East

HIST 286 Historical Interpretation

HIST 287 Historical Writing

HIST 291/292 Senior Seminar in Arab and Middle Eastern

The department offers undergraduate courses for students majoring and minoring in History as well as those who need to fulfill General Education requirements.​​