Masters Degree in Archaeology


Students registered in the master's program in archaeology are required to take a minimum of 21 graduate credit hours and to present a thesis based on independent research.

Sample Course Selection

For a complete list of course descriptions please refer to the latest edition of the AUB Catalogue.

AROL 301 Graduate Seminar: Introduction to Theory in Archaeology

AROL 302 Advanced Seminar in Current Approaches to Archaeological Theory

AROL 303 Readings in Ancient Texts

AROL 305 Artifact Technology and Representation

AROL 307 Seminar in the Bronze Age Archaeology of the Near East

AROL 308 Seminar in Iron Age Archaeology of the Near East

AROL 309 Seminar in Graeco-Roman Archaeology of the Near East

AROL 310 Seminar in Mediterranean Archaeology

AROL 321 Graduate Tutorial 3

AROL 323 Advanced Fieldwork and Data Collection

AROL 327 Special Topics in Archaeology

AROL 395A/B Comprehensive Exam

AROL 399 MA Thesis ‚Äč