“The Primordial Covenant and Human History in the Qur'an”

This lecture was given by Prof. Wadad Kadi on January 19, 2006 as part of the Distinguished Lecturer Series.

Prof. Wadad Kadi is the Avalon Foundation Distinguished Service Professor, Professor of Islamic Thought, at the University of Chicago.  She was professor in the Department of Arabic at AUB until 1985, and Chairman of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago from 1991 to 1997.  She has published 11 books and about 60 articles on early Arabic prose, Islamic political thought, the impact of the Qur'an on Arabic literature, and early Islamic theology and heresiography.  Among her published works are al-Kaysaniyya fi al-tarikh wa-l-adab; Bishr ibn Abi Kubar al-Balawi wa al-nathr al-fanni al-mubakkir bi al- Yaman; edition of Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi's al-Basa'ir wa al- dhakha'ir, in 10 volumes).  She is also the recipient of the King Faisal Prize for Arabic literature (1994) with Bint al-Shati'.  

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“Writing down Literary Texts in Pre-Islamic Arabia and the First Century A.H.”

This lecture was given by Prof. Yusuf Abdallah on May 22, 2006  as part of the Distinguished Lecturer Series.

Prof. Yusuf Abdallah is professor of Archeology & Epigraphy at the University of Sana’a in Yemen.  His area of interest is early Yemeni studies, and in particular the relevance of epigraphic material to early Islamic history.  He is author, co-author or editor of several works, including Encyclopedia of Yemen (4 vols.), Lexicon of Shams al-‘ulum (12 vols.), and papers on The History and Archaeology of Yemen (3 vols.).  He has also published a large number of ancient inscriptions in specialized journals.


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“The Importance of Arabic Papyri for Studying Islamic History”

This lecture was given by Prof. Jaser Abu-Safieh on April 25,  2006.

Prof. Jaser Abu-Safieh is professor of Arabic literature and Islamic studies at the University of Jordan. He graduated from the University of London (SOAS), 1982, in the field of Umayyad Epistolography. Through his academic career, he was visiting Fulbright scholar at Princeton University, visiting DAAD scholar at Heidelberg University and other European centers of Arabic manuscripts and papyri such as Vienna and Prague. Among his numerous publications, his latest book, Bardiyyat Qurra b. Sharik, is a major contribution to the study of Umayyad history and culture.

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