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    Undergraduate Program

    ​BA or BS in Statistics

    Our degree in Statistics has been recently revamped and now puts a solid emphasis on Data Science. Nowadays, (big) data is continuously collected from medical and pharmaceutical research, from satellites, from social network sites, from polling organizations to United Nations observers. Our degree in Statistics equips the students with strong quantitative and critical reasoning as well as computational and machine learning skills needed to extract information from this vastly available data.

    A major in Statistics therefore prepares students to have a career in a range of applied fields such as Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry, Public Health. Students can specialize by opting for a Data Science Track or an Actuarial Science Track.

    The department requires 39 credits in the field:

    • Statistics: STAT 231, STAT 233, STAT 234, STAT 235, STAT 237 or STAT 238, STAT 239
    • Mathematics: MATH 201, MATH 210, MATH 218 or MATH 219, MATH 251
    • Computer Science: CMPS 201 or CMPS 203, CMPS 244
    In addition, 9 more credits chosen:
    • Statistics: STAT 236, STAT 237 or STAT 238, MATH 333, MATH 338,  MATH 348
    • Mathematics: MATH 211, MATH 281, MATH 351
    • Computer Science: CMPS 262

    For General Education requirements, please visit: BA in Statistics, BS in Statistics

    Moreover, Track elective credits must be chosen in applied discipline from the following list (details in BA in Statistics, BS in Statistics):

    • Actuarial Science
    • Business
    • Computer Science
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics

    Students interested in Actuarial Science are advised to take their Track electives as MATH 272, MATH 273, and MATH 274. Note that, students planning to pursue a career of an Actuary have to pass a sequence of professional exams and complete VEE credits (Validation for Educational Experience). Thus, they are also advised to take the following courses within their degree requirements: ECON 211, ECON 212; and the following additional courses above the required 90 credits: BUSS 211, ACTN 210, FINA 210, FINA 220.

    Students interested in Data Science are advised to take their track electives as EECE 490 and EECE 693 and at least one course from: CMPS 202 or EECE 330, CMPS 261, EECE 641, BUSS 200, MNGT 222, DCSN 200, DCSN 216. They are also advised to take STAT 236 and STAT 237 within their degree requirements.

    A Minor in Statistics can be pursued via one of two options:

    • Option 1: MATH 201, MATH 218 or MATH 219, STAT 231, STAT 233, STAT 234 and STAT 235.
    • Option 2: MATH 201, MATH 218 or MATH 219, STAT 230, STAT 234, STAT 235 and one additional advanced STAT course in to be selected with the approval of the department chair. A list of recommended courses includes: STAT 236 or above, EPHD 320, EPHD 321, EECE 603, EECE 641, EECE 644, EECE 667, EECE 693, INDE 303, and INDE 430.


    ​The following courses are offered:

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