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Graduate Students

Kassem Ayache 

BA in Finance (minor in Economics), Lebanese American University, Beirut, 2018

My main areas of interest are: Political Philosophy & Political Economics, Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, and Psychoanalysis.

Mohammad Cherry 

BA in Psychology, American University of Beirut, 2017

My interests lie in Moral Psychology and Political Philosophy. Combining my knowledge in both fields, I chose a thesis topic that explored the interplay between ingroup bias and the attributions of moral responsibility, explaining how group psychology, identification, and rhetoric can have nationwide consequences on accountability. Parallel to my research, I led the AUB-Kayany Project, which provided psychosocial support to Syrian refugee children in remote portable schools. Additionally, I was part of AUB’s Title IX Student Committee, participating in the Sexual Harassment Subcommittee and working on awareness campaigns on sexual harassment faced by women in the MENA.

Maher Hassanieah

BA in Computer Science, American University of Beirut, 2005.

Research interests: Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Political Philosophy with a particular focus on Democracy and AI, Critical Theory, and Philosophy of Attention. While pursuing my MA degree in Philosophy, I work as the advisor for the Minister of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon. I have a long experience working in Lebanon, GCC, Africa, and Silicon Valley with governments and pioneer enterprises in providing consultancies, policies, and recommendations in digital transformation, public policies, data governance policies and responsible AI guidelines.

Sarah Hassoun 

BA in Philosophy (minor in Business), American University of Beirut, 2018

I am currently pursuing my MA degree in Philosophy while simultaneously working as a Digital Marketing Executive. I exist in this duality – amongst many others – intertwining the depths of philosophy with the dynamic landscape of the digital world. I am deeply interested in Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Feminism, and Existentialism. Yet, as the digital age accelerates and artificial intelligence reshapes the world, my focus is primarily on the philosophy of the politics of AI - namely, how AI reshapes modern day politics and power dynamics.

Rayane El Masri 

BA in Philosophy, American University of Beirut, 2021

For my undergraduate, I studied electrical and computer engineering and ended up majoring in philosophy. I minored in education, mathematics, and cognitive science. I am specifically interested in artificial intelligence, philosophy of mind and cognitive science. In my MA thesis titled "Personhood and Artificial Intelligence: A Non-binary Approach," I advocate for a non-binary approach to our conventional notion of personhood. I argue that we should extend our consideration of personhood to not only animals but also to entities such as social robots and AI assistants.

Zahra Makki

BA in Philosophy (minor in Biology), American University of Beirut, 2019

Research interests: metaphysics (both contemporary and ancient), metaethics. I segued into the study of philosophy through the Ancients, and what continues to pique my interest is Ancient and Medieval philosophy as well as the reception of Ancient philosophy, particularly Neoplatonism, into Arabic/Islamic philosophy, with a special focus on Avicennian ontology (notions of privation and essential good). In my own life, I am always searching for ways in which metaphysical viewpoints may intersect with the contemporary queries of lived experience. When I am not reading or researching, I am often hiking a trail or exploring the coffee scene of a new city.

Sara Mrouwe 

BA in Psychology and Philosophy, American University of Beirut, 2021.

My MA thesis is in the field of Arabic and Islamic philosophy and focuses on the correspondence between Saḍr al-Dīn al-Qūnawi (d. 1274) and Naṣīr al-Dīn al-Tūṣī on metaphysical issues such as ontological monism and the Avicennian distinction between essence and existence in everything else than God. It includes a translation and a commentary of some of the questions. Other interests of mine include philosophy of science, philosophy of psychiatry, and philosophy of mind.

Mohammad Tabikh 

BA in computer science, Lebanese University, 2019

BA in philosophy, Université Saint-Joseph, Beirut, 2023

My main interests in philosophy are analytical philosophy and philosophy of science.​

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