Research Interests


The Physics Department at AUB offers a program leading to the degrees of BS and MS in physics. Students who are admitted to graduate work may receive a teaching assistantship that covers tuition plus an additional stipend.

Fields of study and research in the Department include:

  • Thin films physics and technology, materials for energy applications, Pulsed Laser Deposition technique, plasma processing for nano-materials (Dr. M. Tabbal).
  • Theoretical Physics, supersymmetry, grand unification schemes, non-cumulative geometry, gauge theory, relativity (Dr. A. Chamseddine).
  • Magnetic Materials, crystal growth, nano-materials, electron paramagnetic resonance, magnetic semiconductors (Dr. S. Isber).
  • Theory of Soft Matter, polymer physics, statistical physics, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, smart surfaces, sharp and fast switches and sensors (Dr. L. Klushin).
  • Electron spin resonance, superconductivity, thin films, materials for optoelectronic and spintronic applications (Dr. T. Christidis).
  • Super-symmetry, black hole physics, string theory, cosmology (Dr. W. Sabra).
  • Dynamical systems, spanning a range of scales and concerns, from, instabilities in stellar black hole nuclei, to the formation and chaotic evolution of planetary systems, to self-organization of swarms.  (Dr. J. Touma).
  • Turbulence in plasmas and fluids, magnetic fusion, fluid dynamics, wave interaction with complex motion, plasma physics, tokamaks (Dr. G. Antar).
  • Mechanical and thermal properties of metallic nano-structures, dynamics of the heat carriers, thermoelectric properties, optical characterization (Dr. M. Kazan).
  • Theoretical particle Physics, standard model of particle interactions, lattice quantum chromodynamics (Dr. K. Bitar).
  • Astronomy and astrophysics, modeling of stellar formation and evolution in stars, nucleosynthesis in stars, astrophysical plasmas (Dr. M. El Eid).


Research in Theoretical Fields is done in collaboration with the recently established Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences. In addition, experimental research may be carried out at the Central Science Research Laboratory which is being established for the science departments (Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics).‚Äč