MS in Physics

The Physics Department provides facilities for graduate work leading to the MS degree. The research activities include the physics of:

  • material science and condensed matter.
  • plasma and molecular.
  • paramagnetic resonance.
  • non-linear dynamics and astrophysics.
  • high energy physics and superstring theory.

The MS program requires the completion of:  

  • 4 core courses (12 credits) PHYS 301, PHYS 302, PHYS 303, and PHYS 305
  • 9 credits of physics graduate electives (a maximum of 3 credit hours may be a tutorial  course)
  • An MS thesis accounting for 9 credits

After completion of the 4 core courses, the student must then pass a Master Comprehensive Exam* and select a thesis adviser who will present a thesis proposal to the Department Chair for approval.

*The Physics Department adopted the GRE subject test as the Comprehensive Exam after finishing the four core courses.  The GRE test is administered 3 times a year  and the results are reported 6 weeks after the exam.  For more details visit AMIDEAST website, and GRE website,

The MS degree is granted after the student defends his/her thesis successfully. All requirements for the Master's degree must be completed within a period of four years after admission to graduate study.
Below is the table of deadlines:.​

​For Master’s candidates Graduation in​Spring       2017-2018​Summer     2017-2018​ Fall            2018-2019​Spring       2018-2019
​Deadline for approval of thesis topic and committee
​​December 15, 2017​May 7, 2018
​September 21, 2018
​December 14, 2018
​Deadline for thesis defense
​​May 3, 2018​September 7, 2018
​January 28, 2019
​April 25, 2019
​Deadline for thesis deposit at library
​May 14, 2018​September 17, 2018
​February 7, 2019
​May 6, 2019

Useful Links: Graduate Council; AUB Graduate Catalogue