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Dr. Samih Isber


Samih Isber


Primary Office: Emile Bustani (Physics Bldg), 307

Extension: 4295


Isber’s research work focuses on the magnetic properties of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors (DMS), magnetic thin films and molecular systems. The ternary nature of DMS offers the opportunity of tuning parameters, particularly the band gap and the lattice constant, by varying the doping of the material. Furthermore, the change in the concentration of the magnetic ions affects the magnitude of some magneto-optical effects and influences the magnetic properties of the material. My current research interests include the investigation of (i) phenomena induced by the exchange interaction between the localized electrons of f-shells of the magnetic ions and delocalized band carrier in DMS; (ii) the exchange interaction between the localized electrons of f-shells in IV-VI DMS; (iii) Crystal Field Splitting and the Zeeman effect of transition metals and rare-earth doped Semiconductors.

Research Lab
Magnetic Lab


PHYS 204 Classical Physics for Life Sciences
PHYS 205 Modern Physics for Life Sciences
PHYS 210 Introductory Physics II
PHYS 212 Modern Physics
PHYS 223 Physical Optics
PHYS 228 Electronics
PHYS 324 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
PHYS 310 Application to QM (Special Topics)

Research Interests

magnetic, magnetic material, magnetic resonance, magnetometry, magnetic thin films, Diluted magnetic semiconductors, DMS, semiconductors, crystal growth, nano-materials, electron, paramagnetic

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