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The Physics Students Society (PSS)

"The Physics Student Society (PSS) is the community created by physics students for physics students at the American University of Beirut. It is your gateway for an unforgettable experience in our cozy department. Here, you can bond, help, ask for help, enjoy fun activities, eat pizza, interact, engage in developing our department... Here, you belong."

The PSS works more efficiently with a Cabinet with a President (Sarah Hamad), a Vice President (George Issa), a Secretary (Dima Mrad), a Treasurer (Christopher Cherfan), a Member at Large (Yorgo Sawaya), a PR (Nisrine Bakaev) and our three class representatives (Levon Kalaydjian, Lea Oueidat, Garo Kerdelyan). Here is a list of its yearly activities.

​​​​​​​​​​Secret Santa

Every season, PSS organizes an event of random gift exchange between the society members. A simple gift brings the society together like nothing else.

Sophomore orientation and electing the representatives

The Cabinet of the PSS relies heavily on the class representatives to ensure quality and easy communication with the Physics Department. To make sure the Sophomore representative entering each year is the best fit, we organize teamwork and leadership events for the voting to be the most meaningful possible.

Guidance in Graduate Application Program (GGAP)

Many of our society members hope to receive a graduate degree from our Department or outside. We come in to help them ace their applications through a series of talks by alumna and professors, called GGAP.

Guidance with studying abroad in collaboration with the Office of International Programs (OIP)

​In any science-related field including Physics, we believe it is crucial for students to make the most out our Department and to meet even more people working in the field abroad. This helps society members make new connections and pushes them to work outside of their comfort zone. This program helps them apply for an exchange program abroad for a duration of a semester or two.

Trivia Night:
The PSS strives to organize engaging lively events with a fun sense of competition. Our Trivia Nights create lovely vibes with our society members while we share common interests and delicious food.​

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