Laboratory for Plasma and Fluid Dynamics

The construction of the Lebanese Linear Plasma Device [LLPD) started (check here for more details)

We are engaged in both experimental and theoretical aspects of research in plasma physics and fluid dynamics.

Areas of research include:

  • Turbulence in fluids;
  • Turbulence in fusion devices;
  • Disruptions and their mitigation in tokamaks;
  • Numerical simulation of turbulence;
  • Effects of wave heating on turbulence.

    See this presentation summarizing our present activites

Latest News and events

PhD News:

  • Farah Hariri, at the CEA-Cadarache, France
  • Lamiss Zaidouny, at Stuttgart Universitaet, Germany
  • Rima Hajjar, at the University of California San Diego, USA
  • Loutfallah Moubarak, accepted at Marseille University with CNRS scholarship​​​​