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Laboratory for Plasma and Fluid Dynamics
Laboratory for Plasma and Fluid Dynamics [LPFD)


Fusion Plasmas


Numerical Simulation



Liquid metals dynamics


Quasi-2D Dynamics


Thin flims deposition


Disruption Mitigation


The Double-sided design of the LLPD


We are building the LLPD (click to see more)


We are engaged in both experimental and theoretical aspects of research in plasma physics and fluid dynamics.

Areas of research include:


Latest News and events
PhD News
    • Farah Hariri, at the CEA-Cadarache, France
    • Lamiss Zaidouny, at Stuttgart Universitaet, Germany
    • Rima Hajjar, at the University of California San Diego, USA
    • Loutfallah Moubarak, accepted at Marseille University with CNRS scholarship


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