Hosted and led by the Department of Psychology at the FAS, the Initiative for Mental health, Psychology, and Advanced Clinical Training (IMPACT) is an umbrella initiative that provides excellence in training and continuing education in various areas of scientific and applied psychology, with particular emphasis on areas of clinical and psychosocial assessments and interventions, and child/adolescent/adult behavioral health. It serves faculty, staff, students, community professionals, NGOs, and other organizations, locally and regionally. 


IMPACT will strategically address the rising regional needs centered around psychology and mental health. It will offer carefully selected workshops, training modules, and mentorships that impact regional practitioners, researchers, and policy makers. Through its creative activities, it will elevate the standards of psychological science and training in the region, and build capacity within faculty, staff, students, NGOs, organizations, and community professionals, by advancing their competence in dealing with behavioral, mental, cognitive, emotional, psychosocial, and research problems in our society.


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