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Shahe Kazarian

​Biographical Sketch

B.A. – American University of Beirut, 1969

M.A. – American University of Beirut, 1971

Ph.D. – The University of Western Ontario, 1975

Research Activities

My principal research interests focus on the role of culture in personality and both physical and psychological health. Since joining the American University of Beirut in 2001, my research program investigates the measurement of humor styles, attachment styles, ethnic identity, cultural orientations of vertical and horizontal individualism-collectivism, contingencies of self-worth and family adjustment among Lebanese and Lebanese Armenian youth and adults. One line of research, for example, has to do with the assessment of sense of humour as a personality trait and the ways in which adaptive and maladaptive humor styles relate to such etiological factors as parental acceptance and rejection, and such outcome measures as depression and subjective happiness. For more details concerning assessment tools, see Cross-Cultural Psychological Assessment Lab.

Selected Publications


Kazarian, S.S. (2021). AUB Psychology Faculty Research Contributions to Social Sciences. Beirut, Lebanon: American University of Beirut Press.​

Boyington, D.C., Aulakh, H.  Kazarian, S.S. & Roberts, J. (2017). Diversity and indigenous people in Canada, 3nd edition. Toronto, Canada: Emond Publishing.​
A History_small.jpgA Search_small.jpg
Kazarian, S.S. (2016). In search of psychology in Lebanon: An oral history approach. Beirut: American University of Beirut Press.

Kazarian, S.S. (2016). A history of academic psychology at AUB: 1870-2016. Beirut: American University of Beirut Press.

Kazarian, S.S
., & Kazarian. L.(2015). Narrative of my I. London, Canada: KazCom Publishing.

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Kazarian, S.S., Crichlow, W., & Bradford, S. (2007). Diversity issues in law enforcement. third edition. Toronto: Emond Montgomery Publications.

Book Chapters

Kazarian, S.S. (2021). Assessment and treatment of children and adults. In D.R. Evans & K. Dobson (Eds.), Law, standards and ethics in the practice of psychology. 4th edition. Toronto: Thomson Reuters Canada.

Kazarian, S.S., & Michli, S. (2016). The clash of pathways. In Leo Bormans (Ed.), The World Book of Hope (pp. 57-59). Tielt, Belgium: Lannoo Publishers. (English, French, German editions).

Kazarian, S.S., & Michli, S. (2015). The clash of pathways. In Leo Bormans (Ed.), The World Book of Hope (pp. 57-59). Tielt, 
Belgium: Lannoo Publishers. (Dutch edition).

Kazarian, S.S. (2013). The humor of love. In Leo Bormans (Ed.), The World Book of Love (pp. 274-277). Tielt, Belgium:
Lannoo Publishers. (Dutch, English  editions).

Invited Articles

Kazarian, S.S. (December 17, 2020). Culture and psychological health. Oxford Research Encyclopedias.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Kazarian, S.S. (2017). Social sciences in the Arab world: The case of psychology at the American University of Beirut. Idafat, 
36-37, 253-266  [in Arabic]. 

Elias, R.R. & Kazarian, S.S. (2017). A validation study of a new Arabic version of the Adult Disposition Hope Scale in a sample of Lebanese college youth. The Arab Journal of Psychiatry. 28, 83-91.

Sahakian, T. & Kazarian, S.S. (2015). Social anxiety symptoms and their relation to anxiety sensitivity, shame and intolerance 
of uncertainty in a sample of Lebanese college youth. The Arab Journal of Psychiatry, 26, 59-67.

Saleh, A.O. & Kazarian, S.S. (2015). Perceived parenting styles and their relation to psychological needs satisfaction, mental 
health and flourishing in as ample of college youth. The Arab Journal of Psychiatry, 26, 155-163.
Kazarian, S.S. (2015). Family violence in the Arab world. The Arab Journal of Psychiatry, 26, 4-14.

Kazarian, S.S. & Ammar, J. (2013). School bullying in the Arab world: A Review. Arab Journal of Psychiatry, 24, 37-45.

Kazarian, S.S. (2013). Unveiling the humor mind of the ‘starving Armenian.’ HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research.

Kazarian, S.S. & Taher, D. (2012). Adult attachment styles in a Lebanese community sample: A brief Arabic Experiences in Close Relationships Scale. Arab Journal of Psychiatry, 23, 74-79.

Al-Bawab, S. & Kazarian, S.S. (2012). Cross-sibling attachment styles and marital satisfaction among married Lebanese. Arab Journal of Psychiatry, 23 (2), 148-158. PDF File

Merhi, R., & Kazarian, S.S (2012). Validation of the Arabic translation of the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (Arabic-MSPSS) in a Lebanese community sample. Arab Journal of Psychiatry, 23 (2), 159-168. PDF File

Moughnie, L. & Kazarian, S.S. (2011). Subjective happiness of Lebanese college youth in Lebanon: Factorial structure and invariance of the Arabic Subjective Happiness Scale. Social Indicators Research, DOI 10.1007/s11205-011-9895-5.

Kazarian, S.S. (2011). Humor in the collectivist Arab Middle East: The case of Lebanon. HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research, 24, 329-348. PDF File

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Kazarian, S.S. (2010). Cultural appropriateness of the Family Assessment Device (FAD) in the case of ethnic Armenian adolescents in Lebanon. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 56 (3), 230-238. PDF File

Kazarian, S.S., Moghnie, L., & Martin, R.A. (2010). Humor styles, perceived parental warmth and rejection in childhood, and subjective happiness. Europe’s Journal of Psychology, 3, 71-93. PDF File

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