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Department of Psychology
Welcome to the Website of the Department of Psychology at AUB!
News and Events

10-11 Nov 2017: Workshop, in collaboration with the Psychological Assessment Center, AUBMC:
Psychological assessment in Arab countries: How to develop, adapt and use tests in research and clinical settings

Registration fee: $350 (students, groups and early-bird: $280).

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02.10.2017 - AUB and the Department of Psychology mourn the loss of Prof. Lufti N. Diab, Professor in the Department between 1957 and 1999.

11.09.2017 - Psyc 201 Orientation: a guidance inititative. Article in Outlook

06.2017 - Psychology undergraduate student Ali Amhaz (2017 graduate) receives the AUB Penrose Award.

04.2017 - Psyc 101-201 (Introduction to Psychology) makes the local news.

03.2017 - Faculty member Prof. Arne Dietrich's research featured in Psychology Today.

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diederichTalkImage.jpg26 Oct. 2017:
"Computational methods for the assessment of mental health"
Joachim Diederich, Department of Psychology, AUB.
West Hall Auditorium B, 12:30-1:30 pm

19 Oct. 2017:
darwishTalkImage.jpg"Improving cognitive function after traumatic brain injury (TBI): The use of environmental enrichment and exercise"
Hala Darwish Hariri School of Nursing, AUB. 
West Hall Auditorium B, 12:30-1:30 pm

12 Oct. 2017:
daouTalkImage.jpg"Learning rapidly regulates intrinsic properties of cortical neurons"
Arij Daou, Biomedical Engineering Program, AUB.
West Hall Auditorium B, 12:30-1:30 pm

22 Mar. 2017
 "Priming and Compatibilities: Negative Effects, Motion, Masking, and Action" by Christina Bermeitinger, Institute for Psychology, University of Hildesheim.

17 Mar. 2017
: Colloquium, in association with ASOM: "Developing a model System for Cortical Blindness: The Neural Basis of a Visual Agnosia for Motion in Depth" by Bas RokerDeparment of Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison.


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