Meeting the Challenge of Language When Teaching Science and Mathematics in Lebanon: " Ideas, Strategies and Resources ... at a glance" is a resource presented as an introduction for teachers and educational leaders. It is relevant for all students studying these subjects in a language other than their mother tongue. It can be used by individual teachers as a guide to new strategies they can utilize in the classroom, or as a launching point for professional development discussions in schools. This resource has been created by Dr. Tamer Amin and Dr. Rabih El-Mouhayar (Science and Mathematics Education Center, Department of Education, American University of Beirut) as a component of the project "Science Education: A Key to University Access for Refugee Girls" implemented by the AUB Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service in partnership with the Kayany Foundation as part of the grant scheme of the HOPES project funded by the European Union, and implemented by the German Academic Service (DAAD) together with the British Council, Campus France and Nuffic.

SMEC 2019 Tips on Language in Science and Mathematics.pdf