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BA in Media and Communication

​​The BA in Media and Communication offers students an interdisciplinary curriculum based in both the liberal arts and social sciences, and prepares students to engage with the complexity of contemporary media. The program offers a regional and global perspective, focusing on the role of media in Arab society. Students learn systematic and critical modes of inquiry into the nature, processes and consequences of media in both historical and emerging contexts. Students also develop relevant practical skills, coupled with critical, ethical and political perspectives on contemporary social and cultural landscapes.

Transfer into the BA in Media and Communication from other departments within FAS is competitive and requires approval by the Media Studies Program. Students will be considered for transfer to Media and Communication if they obtain an average grade of 75 or more in MCOM 201 and 202, and a grade of 75 or more in ENGL 203. If they have taken any additional MCOM courses, the average of all MCOM courses must be 70 or more. If they have taken ENGL 204, their average in ENGL 203 and 204 must be 75 or more.​

The university General Education requirements are: English Communication Skills (6cr), Arabic Communication Skills (3cr), Humanities (12cr) including 3 credits from CVSP sequence I courses and 3 credits from CVSP sequence II courses, Natural Sciences (6cr), Quantitative Thought (3cr), and Social Sciences (6cr) of which at least one social sciences course must be from outside the major. Students formally exempted from the Arabic Language Requirement are strongly advised to take courses in Arabic as a foreign language.

Core Requirements

18 credits

List A: General Electives

15 credits

List B: Practice-based Electives

9 credits

5 classes:

-Intro to Media Studies

-Communication Theory

-Arab Media & Society

-Telegraph to Twitter

-Senior Seminar in Arab Media



+Media Brown Bag


5 classes of your choice from the below list (and on our website)


Your choice of 3 credit classes from the below list (and on our website)

Other requirements:

  • Research Methods (MCOM 210, or any approved methods class from other dept.),


List A Electives (15 credits)

Course numbers: 205, 215-239, 290-2 (Special topics) 299

  • MCOM205 Interpersonal Communication 
  • MCOM206 Intro to Cinema
  • MCOM215 Media Law and EthicsMCOM216 Public Opini
  • MCOM217 Political Communication
  • MCOM218 Media Activism for Social Change
  • MCOM219 Media Depictions of Society
  • MCOM220 Popular Culture
  • MCOM221 War and
  • MCOM222 Introduction to Visual Culture Studies
  • MCOM223 On Television
  • MCOM224 Palestinian Film and Media
  • MCOM225 Intro to Photojournalism
  • MCOM226 Journalism & Society
  • MCOM227 Media & the Environment
  • MCOM228 Intro to Digital Media
  • MCOM229 Sex, Gender, and Media in the Middle East
  • MCOM230 Screening Crises
  • MCOM260 Senior Seminar in Arab Media


List B Electives (9 credits)

Course numbers: 240-259, and designated special topics (MCOM293)

  • MCOM240 News Reporting and Writing
  • MCOM242 Public Relations
  • MCOM243 Advertising
  • MCOM244 (a to z) Specialized News Reporting and Writing
  • MCOM245 Broadcast Media
  • MCOM246 Digital and Multimedia News
  • MCOM247 Trauma Journalism
  • MCOM249 Writing for Advertising & PR
  • MCOM250 Video Editing
  • MCOM251 Intermediate Photojournalism
  • MCOM252 Digital Media Practices

PLUS all GE Requirements as listed in the catalog (in print and online)

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