Greg Burris

Greg Burris is a film and cultural theorist whose work focuses on race, media, and emancipatory politics, particularly in the context of the U.S. Black freedom movement and the Palestinian liberation struggle. His first book, The Palestinian Idea: Film, Media, and the Radical Imagination, is forthcoming from Temple University Press. Greg has also contributed essays to such publications as CineAction, Cinema Journal, The Electronic Intifada, The Guardian, Jadaliyya, Journal of Popular Film and Television, Middle Eastern Studies, Quarterly Review of Film and Video, and the anthologies Futures of Black Radicalism (Verso, 2017) and Global Raciality: Empire, PostColoniality, and DeColoniality (Routledge, 2018).


Cultural Theory
Film Criticism
Race and Ethnicity


MCOM 201: Introduction to Media Studies​
MCOM 202: Introduction to Communications Theory​
MCOM 224: Palestinian Film and Media​
MCOM 260: Senior Seminar in Media Studies​
MCOM 301: Seminar in Communication Theory and Research​
MCOM 314: Issues in Transnational Media Studies​
MCOM 315: Race and Media


The Palestinian Idea: Film, Media, and the Radical Imagination. Temple University Press, 2019.​

“Palestine in Black and White: White Settler-Colonialism and the Specter of Transnational Black Power," in Global Raciality: Empire, Postcoloniality, and Decoloniality, edited by Sunaina Maira, Paola Bacchetta, and Howard Winant. Routledge, 2018.​

“Birth of a (Zionist) Nation: Black Radicalism and the Future of Palestine," in Futures of Black Radicalism, edited by Gaye Theresa Johnson and Alex Lubin. Verso, 2017, 120-32.​

Review of When I Saw You, Journal of Islamic and Muslim Studies, 2, no. 1 (2017), 92-97.​

“Prometheus in Chicago: Film Portrayals of the Chaining and Gagging of Bobby Seale and the 'Real-ization' of Resistance," Cinema Journal, 54, no. 4 (2015), 26-49.​

“Post-Racial Pipedreams: Race and Class in The Blind Side," CineAction, no. 92 (2014), 24-32.


PhD University of California, Santa Barbara
MA University of California, Santa Barbara
MA Indiana University, Bloomington
BA University of Texas at Austin  ​