Minor in Media and Communication

Three core courses (MCOM 201, MCOM 202, MCOM 203) and any two MCOM electives, totaling 15 credits. 

Minor in Film and Visual Culture

  • Two core courses: ENGL 219 (Film as Text) and MCOM 222 (Intro to Visual Culture Studies);
  • ​Two electives from the following: ENGL 241A, ENGL 257 (A….Z), MCOM 219, MCOM 220, MCOM 221, SOAN 236, SOAN 250, or other classes/special topics courses approved by the coordinator of the minor program; 
  • One elective from the following: ENGL 239, ENGL 254A, MCOM 245, MCOM 246 or special topics courses approved by the coordinator of the minor program; ​

Minor in Reporting in the Digital Age

The minor will be comprised of a total of five courses (15 credits) – three required and two electives. All of the courses are currently available with the exception of one (tentatively called Journalism and Society). This course will be introduced as a special topic in Spring 2017-18, and will be proposed for consideration to become part of the regular course offerings of the program in Media Studies. 

The three core requirements are:

  • MCOM 226: Journalism and Society
  • MCOM 240 News Reporting and Writing
  • MCOM 246 Digital and Multimedia News

Two additional electives from the following:

  • MCOM241
  • MCOM244(a to z)
  • MCOM245
  • MCOM246
  • MCOM247
  • MCOM250

Any new or related special topics courses as approved by the Program (e.g. photojournalism)​