Zeina Tarraf

​​​​Zeina Tarraf is an assistant professor in the media studies program. Her research and teaching interests focus largely on the Arab world and the Global South and lie at the intersections of affect theory, film studies, cultural studies, feminist theory, and media studies. Her current research project examines Lebanese cultural production and mediascapes through the lens of every day, and in the context of cultural trauma and ongoing violence. The project, which explores a rich corpus of popular and experimental film, documentaries, art, and literary texts across Lebanon's contemporary history, proposes ​every day as a productive site through which to investigate the encounter between the legacy of violence and its contemporary manifestations.


Memory and Film
War, Violence, and the Media
Media and the Everyday


MCOM 203: Arab Media & Society
MCOM 204: From Telegraph to Twitter
MCOM 204: From Telegraph to Twitter
MCOM 220: Popular Culture
MCOM 221: War and Media


“Haunting and the Neoliberal Encounter in Terra Incognita and A Perfect Day." Cultural Dynamics 29.1-2 (2017): 39-62.

“The Attack: Doueiry's Depoliticization of Trauma in the Transposition from Literature to Film." What Happened? Visual Representations of Trauma and Healing. Ed. Danielle Shaub and Elspeth McInnes. Leiden: Brill Publishers, 2019. 19-33.


PhD University of Alberta
MA McMaster University
BA American University of Beirut