American Univesity of Beirut

Graduate Courses in Sociology

​SOAN 300 Graduate Research Methods 
An advanced course in the formulation of research problems, research designs, and techniques
of data collection including quantitative and qualitative methods and micro versus macro
approaches to social reality. Students participate in actual research projects and apply various
techniques of data collection and analysis to interpret research findings. Annually

SOAN 307 Graduate Seminar in Transitional Justice 
The seminar is an exploration of the strategies and courses of action for post-conflict societies.
Consistent with the perspectives and premises of transnational justice, this seminar examines
the ways in which states and the international community attempt to achieve justice in periods
of political transition. Some of the leading theories and applied dimensions will be critically
assessed in the light of the operation of international and domestic criminal justice, historical
and administrative justice. Annually.

SOAN 312 Seminar in Sociological Theory 
The seminar critically explores some of the enduring controversies and major developments in
sociological theory. An effort is first made to elucidate the origins, strategies, and ideological
antecedents and components of sociological theory. A special focus is placed on the 
reformulations of the classic tradition and recent post-modern and other promising directions

SOAN 313/ Seminar in Communication Theory and Research 
MCOM 301
The seminar introduces the student to trends in mass communication research and theoretical
approaches to the communication process and communication context (small group
communication, media processing and effects, media and society, culture and communication).
Focus is placed on contemporary communication theories that have emerged in the discipline
since the 1950s. Annually.

SOAN 315 Seminar in Middle Eastern Culture and Society 
A seminar on special aspects of research with emphasis on the cultural mechanisms and
processes of change in pastoral, rural, or urban communities. This course includes presentation
and analysis of field data on the Middle East. Occasionally.

SOAN 317/ Seminar in Arab Media and Society 
MCOM 302
A seminar on the political, social, and economic effects of the new communication technologies
on modern Arab society. Special attention is given to the effects of cultural deviance in the
media on children and the effects of the communication media on social and cultural change.
Alternate years.

SOAN 318 Human Migration 
This graduate seminar explores sociological and anthropological approaches and theories
to the study of migration. A comparative study of the causes and effects of human migration
worldwide. This course covers issues concerned with voluntary and forced migration as well
as temporary labor migration and voluntary migration and resettlement, with an emphasis on
current refugee crises in the Arab region and diasporic movements. Alternate years.

SOAN 321 Graduate Tutorial in Sociology 
May not be repeated for credit. Occasionally.

SOAN 324 Special Topics in Sociology 
May be repeated for credit. Occasionally.

SOAN 399 Thesis

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