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SOAN Undergraduate Programs

​​​​​​​BA in Sociology and Anthropology

The BA in Sociology and Anthropology is designed to train students able to:

  • Develop a critical understanding of a wide range of current social issues considered in their historical context,
  • Master key concepts and theories in sociology/anthropology and understand the history of their development,
  • Apply conceptual and theoretical frameworks to the empirical study of specific research questions,
  • Use a variety of research designs and research methods in an effective and ethical manner,
  • ​Effectively communicate sociological and anthropological knowledge in various forms (oral, written, and other forms and media).
Admission Require​​ments
Admission to the sociology-anthropology program requires a minimum grade of 70 in ENGL 203 and ENGL 204, and a grade of 70 or more in one of the following: SOAN 101, SOAN 103, SOAN 201, or SOAN 203. If admission to SOAN is based on SOAN 101 or SOAN 103, any additional SOAN or any social science course is required.

Degree Require​​​ments
The requirements for a BA in Sociology-Anthropology are 90 credits for students entering the department at the sophomore level and 120 for those entering as freshmen, including 39 credits in the major. Required courses include: SOAN 101 or SOAN 103 or SOAN 201 or SOAN 203, and SOAN 210 or SOAN 216, and SOAN 212, SOAN 213, SOAN 237, a SOAN seminar (SOAN 240- 290), and 21 additional SOAN credit hours (SOAN 205 and above). The distribution of university requirements is as follows:

University Gen​​eral Education Requirements
The General Education requirements include English Communication Skills (6 cr.), Arabic Communication Skills (3 cr.), Humanities (12 cr.) including 6 credits from CVSP, Natural Sciences (6 cr.), and Quantitative Thought (only SOAN 211) (3 cr.). Also note that one social science must be an approved General Education course from outside the major.

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