Sari Hanafi

Sari Hanafi is currently a Professor of Sociology and chair of the department of sociology, anthropology and media studies at the American University of Beirut. He is also the editor of Idafat: the Arab Journal of Sociology (Arabic). He is the Vice President of both the International Sociological Association and the Arab Council of Social Science. He is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters on the political and economic sociology of the Palestinian diaspora and refugees; sociology of migration; transnationalism; politics of scientific research; civil society and elite formation and transitional justice. Among his recent books are: From Relief and Works to Human Development: UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees after 60 Years. (Edited with L Takkenberg and L Hilal) (Routledge), Palestinian Refugees: Identity, Space and Place in the Levant. (with A. Knudsen) Routledge. The Power of Inclusive Exclusion: Anatomy of Israeli Rule in The Occupied Palestinian Territories (Edited with A. Ophir & M. Givoni, 2009) (English and Arabic) (NewYork: Zone Book; Beirut: CAUS), The Emergence of A Palestinian Globalized Elite: Donors, International Organizations and Local NGOs (with L. Taber, 2005) (Arabic and English) and Pouvoir et associations dans le monde arabe (Edited with S. Bennéfissa, 2002) (Paris: CNRS). His last book is Knowledge Production in the Arab World: The Impossible Promise. (with R. Arvanitis) (in Arabic, Beirut: CAUS and in English with Routledge -2016). He is a winner of Abdelhamid Shouman Award of 2014 and Kuwait Award for social science of 2015.

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​Research interests: 

Sociology of science, knowledge prod​​uction, religion, migration and refugees, transitional justice, higher education, political sociology, post-authoritarianism.