Sociology-Anthropology Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Media Studies
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    This combined BA degree is designed for students with interests in both sociology and anthropology. It offers a multi-disciplinary curriculum based in the social sciences and the humanities. It prepares students to understand and engage with the social and cultural worlds we inhabit. The joint specialization in Anthropology and Sociology allows students to observe and investigate life in diverse societies while acquiring training in social and cultural theories and methods. It explores what it means to be a person in the Arab region and around the world by examining the ways people organize activities, social structures, institutions and belief systems. Courses will develop students' critical perspective on religion, family, class, medicine, art, displacement, war, social movements, human rights, gender, media, sexuality and colonialism. The BA prepares students to work in such areas as non-governmental and governmental organizations, think tanks, development agencies, research institutes and businesses and to pursue graduate work or teach in the social sciences and humanities.​

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