About Us



​​​UPP's mission centers around three major axes: the teaching of the English Language, the implementation of high-impact educational practices and outreach to the community. Through its diverse courses, the program addresses the specific English Language needs of undergraduate and graduate students with strong academic records but who are unprepared to function in all-English curricula. In addition, the program builds the capabilities of the students to ensure their successful transition and integration into university life, in order to fully benefit from the “AUB experience". Through the management of scholarship programs, UPP also develops a structured approach for service learning through the students' involvement with community work.​​


​​​​The vision of UPP is to promote transformative education at AUB and to contribute in increasing the social, cultural and economic diversity of AUB's student population. This will be achieved through the continuous improvement of the methods in the teaching of English, a broader implementation of high impact educational practices and an increased commitment to university outreach programs. With its strong collaboration with the Center of Civic Engagement and community service (CCECS) and concerned AUB units, the program aims at becoming the hub of service learning within FAS.