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​A lot of learning is taking place in the University Preparatory Program through our students' engagement in curricular and extra curricular activities. In order to reflect on their learning and make it visible, the UPP faculty decided to launch the reflective e-portfolio initiative in Fall 2016-17.

This was a joint effort among all the UPP instructors. Reflective writing is heavily practiced in the writing and critical reading classes. Additionally, students created reflective videos in their listening and speaking classes. In their IT courses, the students learned how to integrate and build their e-portfolios through the use of available tools on Google sites.

Students worked on their portfolios from the beginning of the semester, reflecting and documenting the learning that goes on in their classroom and beyond. This is because our students are heavily involved in their community and practice a number of high impact activities in addition to their academic studies. All UPP students have to complete 13 hours of volunteering activities and provide reflections and pictures about their experiences. They also organize and participate in enrichment activities, such as educational trips to historical places, art galleries, museums and concerts. UPP also provides a ten hour orientation program to ease the students transition from the preparatory to regular sophomore classes.

Students were heavily engaged during the semester working on their e-portfolios and were extremely passionate and confident while presenting them in front of their faculty members as their final project presentation.

Student Quotes:

“This e-portfolio contains reflections about my university and my life outside it.
Here I will be very true; I will be me." (Sally Hamad)

“This is my e-portfolio.

It is a simple glance into my past life, a reflection on my present experience and an expectation of my future. Through it, I am going to shed light on the special events in my life and how they influence me." (Hadil Hoballah)

​“I have a very positive mindset where I believe that "End is not the end; in fact, E.N.D" is "Effort Never Dies" and if you get "NO" for an answer, remember N.O. is "Next Opportunity". Always be positive." (Karam Sarieddine)​

Sample Student e-Portfolios:

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