Summer Orientation and Inclusion Programs

​​​​This year, as part of UPP summer orientation and inclusion programs, and in collaboration with the AUB LEAD initiative, the UPP department kicked off its one-week orientation program for newly accepted AGFE scholars on August 5, 2019.

This program was developed to provide newly accepted AGFE scholars with a spectrum of workshops that would help them: 
a- Adapt to their university life and scholarship requirements. These workshops included: Introduction to Academic Advising, Moodle and Blended Courses, Counseling session and Financial Workshop. 
b- Utilize university resources. These sessions included: Introduction to Civic Engagement, AUB Clubs and Societies, Health Insurance Plan (HIP), Library visits and Undergraduate Research at AUB.
c- ​Develop social and personal soft skills. These interactive workshops included: Team Building, Time Management, Study Skills, Email Writing, Presentation Skills, Problem Solving and Internship and Interviewing Skills.  

The program sessions and workshops were culminated with an important exercise, Individual Development Plan (IDP), which integrates the overall objectives of the program. IDP is a live document used to help scholars identify strengths and areas for growth, and set attainable personal and career goals. 

This program was launched with an opening ceremony. Dr. Samar Harkouss (UPP Director) introduced the program, its structure and objectives, and team members. As the Director of LEAD initiative, and Al Ghurair scholarship program, Dr. Malek Tabbal presented a glimpse on AUB’s history, Liberal arts education and welcomed the AGFE scholars, and encouraged them to embrace this transformative learning journey. In her turn, Ms. Hiba Baalbaki, AGFE program coordinator, reiterated the scholarship requirements and benefits. 

At the end of the 5-day program, an evaluation was conducted to assess AGFE scholars’ feedback on all sessions and workshops and their respective trainers. This evaluation was followed by a closing ceremony where scholars, team members and stakeholders celebrated the completion of this orientation program. Both closing and opening ceremonies played a major role in setting a friendly environment where the students had the chance to mingle among each other and other stakeholders.

The Orientation program made a breakthrough since it enabled the students to bridge the gap between high school and university requirements. As a next step, UPP is planning to expand the program and extend its duration to include academic guidance, as well as information technology courses and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.