For Tutors

WrC Mission

​Tutors are committed to fostering the mission of the WrC: To enhance the culture of writing at AUB by conducting research and by supporting writers and teachers of writing as well as promoting writing as a tool for thinking, a way to demonstrate learning, and a means of expression.

Job Description and Professional Responsibilities

Tutors work with writers who visit the Writing Center (WrC) both on an individual basis and in small groups. Tutors at the Writing Center are trained to respect each writer’s level of achievement and to focu​​s on the writer’s understanding of how to write well. We are here to support writers in their writing, to advise and work with them, but not to edit or write their papers. 

To track this work, tutors are expected to maintain comprehensive and accurate notes and records about their sessions as well as complete observations and reflections that they will be asked to submit at various points of the semester.

Tutors will also be expected to enhance visibility of the WrC and to improve our materials by working on projects and presentations and/or offering specialized tutoring opportunities. All tutors are expected to engage as much with this work as they do with the writer(s). 

Additionally, tutors are expected to take part in the operation and order of the Center. They may be asked to perform tasks such as answering inquiries about the WrC and making appointments, as well as assisting in administrative tasks, and keeping the Center clean and tidy. Tutors are free to work on their own projects when they do not have scheduled appointments or WrC projects. However, they are to give priority to WrC-related work. 

Lastly, tutors are expected to maintain confidentiality of the writers we work with.

Assigning and monitoring tutor work and progress is the responsibility of the WrC’s Directorial Team. As such, tutors are expected to refer back to the administration for any work-related concerns.