For Writers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What can the Writing Center help you do?

  • Better understand the writing assignment instructions
  • Help you organize your ideas into an outline for the paper
  • Work on writing an introduction and thesis statement
  • Let you know if your paragraphs and sentences make sense
  • Help you edit your writing and cite your sources
  • Give you tools to get over writer's block
  • Help you plan out a long paper to make it manageable and less stressful

What types of writing does the Writing Center work with you on?

  • Papers for any of your classes
  • Graduate theses
  • CVs and personal statements
  • Any other types of writing!

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​​The Writing Center provides free, one-on-one writing consultations to students, faculty and staff. We have a team of undergraduate students, graduate students, and instructors who can assist you in your writing. Our goal is to help you become a stronger, more confident writer, so we discuss your writing with you and offer assistance, but we do not edit or write your papers for you.​​

Our tutors can work with writers who are writing in both English and Arabic, and we offer specialized tutoring for writers who have accessibility needs.

Our consultants are trained to respect your level as a writer, whether you are a strong or weak writer or somewhere in between, and to support you during any phase of the writing process (planning, outlining, drafting or revising).

You can schedule an appointment using the link below. You are also welcome to drop in, and if a tutor is available, they will be happy to help.