Meet Our Tutors

​​​​​​​​​The Writing Center has undergraduate, graduate, and instructor tutors, and they come from departments all across the university. Our tutors provide writers a welcoming and confidential space to discuss their writing challenges.

Tutors are trained to be critical readers of academic writers. They are trained through ENGL 263: Tutoring Writing and several practica at the beginning of each semester that cover writing center theory and practice as well as practical training activities. Tutors also join small groups to discuss, reflect on, and draw connections between selected practical and theoretical readings and their experiences. 

Tutors strive to make all sessions interactive, relying on the writers to join in conversation about their challenges and concerns. Thus, results are based in part on writers' willingness and input. ​

If you would be interested in becoming a Writing Center tutor, you need to first register for the ENGL 263: Tutoring Writing course. To learn more about the course, click here

If you have questions about being a tutor, stop by the Writing Center and chat with our current tutors!​