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"Public Health in Conflict and Protracted Crises" Certificate for GPHP Students

​​​The Graduate Public Health Program (GPHP) students​ at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) of the American University of Beirut (AUB) have the opportunity to enroll in a Certificate embedded within the GPHP entitled:  “Public Health in Conflict and Protracted Crises." Students are selected on a competitive basis and need to demonstrate their interest in using the competencies gained through the certificate in their future work. 

While fulfilling the requirements of the overall GPHP, the students​ specialize in issues pertaining to conflict and protracted crises over 12 credits (of the total 42 credits of the MPH and 30 credits for the Masters (MS)). For the practicum, MPH students choose from a range of conflict-related sites and conduct their Integrative Learning Experience project on a conflict-related topic. ​The students must reinforce at least one competency of the certificate in the ILE project. While MS students are required to choose their thesis topic and site related to health in conflict and crisis. 

By c​ompleting this certificate, students gain the following competencies​:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the multidisciplinary literature on conflict and forced migration from a critical public health perspective.

  • Apply public health tools and methods in research and evaluation in refugee and other humanitarian settings.

  • Demonstrate the capacity to plan, implement and evaluate a health intervention in a variety of humanitarian contexts.

  • Describe the ways in which conflict, forced migration and humanitarian crises shape public health program management and coordination.

  • Demonstrate ethical conduct in dealing with populations affected by war and forced migration ​

To learn more about this certificate, please click H​ERE.​

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