Healthcare Leadership Academy Faculty

​Module: Value Based Healthcare  | June 13 - 15​​, 2019​

​​​​​​​​​​​Module: Data Driven Management in an Era of Analytics, A.I. & Big Data ​ | ​​ June 17 - 19, 2019


Christo El Morr

Associate Professo​r ​of Health Informatics | York University, Canada

Dr. Christo El Morr is an Associate Professor of Health Informatics, the Health In​formatics Certificate Coordinator, and former Undergraduate Program Director at the School of Health Policy and Management at York University, Toronto, Canada; he is also a Research Scientist at North York General Hospital, Toronto.​

His research covers Health Informatics and Global eHealth with a focus on Health Virtual Communities and e-Collaboration, particularly in the domain of Mental Health, Chronic Disease Management, Health Promotion and Health Services Research. His work in Global eHealth addresses Human and Disability Rights, Equity, and Gender Based Violence. He has published books, chapters, and articles in these areas including the "first of its kind" Health Informatics book in Canada, and his latest book “Analytics in Healthcare: a Practical Introduction" (Springer) that overviews analytics, machine learning and AI in healthcare. In 2016, he received a recognition as York University Research Leader. He received funds for his research from the Ontario Center of Excellence (OCE) and the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR). He also consulted for international organizations and served as an Expert Reviewer for the Ministry of Research and Innovation, Ontario.

Dr. El Morr is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Mental Health (IJMH) and the International Journal of Extreme Automation and Connectivity in Healthcare (IJEACH), and an Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Big Data Security Intelligence (IJBDSI). He also serves as a Scientific Co​mmittee Member in several health informatics conferences​.

J​umana Antoun

Associate Professor of Family Medicine | Am​e​ri​​can Universit​y of Beirut,​ Lebanon​​​

Dr. Ju​mana Antoun is a​n Associate Professor of Family Medicine. She holds a Masters in Health Informatics and CPHIMS certified. She w​​as involved throughout the implementation of Epic EHR at the American University of Beirut (AUB) through different roles. Her research interests include the use of technology in healthcare (patient-doctor communication, in specific) and medical education. She teaches evidence based medicine and research skills at the family medicine residency at AUB. She is the Quality director at the family medicine department at AUB. 

Module: Health Technology Assessment​ | June 20 - 22​, 2019

Bassam Tabshouri​ 

Dire​ctor | Medical Engineering Department at the American University of Beirut Medical Center in Beirut, Lebanon​​​

Bassam Tabshouri ​has been working in Biomedical Engineering for 40+ years at the (AUBMC). During the past 25 years, his focus was mainly on medical technology management and transfer and he gave many lectures and participated in organizing conferences on these subjects in Lebanon, Egypt, KSA, Jordan and USA.  He also helped in organizing a conference in year 2000 about HTA (a topic he has been following since 1992).

Providing proper technology management and transfer in support of high international standards in education, research and patient care in a cost effective manner is the mission Bassam set for his department. Towards that end, he always emphasizes the interaction/ impact of the technology with/on the scientific, cultural, social, economic, and environmental contexts it is used in.

Although initially his service within AUB covered the Faculty of Medicine and AUBMC, it expanded alter to other faculties within AUB. His work also included founding committees and developing mechanisms for Technology Review/ Assessment within AUBMC. During his chairmanship of the Technology Review Committee, Bassam developed the Hospital Information Systems strategy at AUBMC.

​His services and consultations extended to the Lebanese Government, Italian Government, European Community, National Guard Hospitals in Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia, UNICEF, WHO, World Bank, UN/ WHO (in Iraq), the Lebanese Syndicate of Hospitals, and national and regional institutions for newly proposed medical centers. ​

​He taught courses in the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Engineering.

Currently, he is spearheading with the support of the Lebanese Central Bank the national initiative towards having innovation in healthcare technology.

He is also a member of several international organizations including AAMI, ACCE, META, and IEEE. 

Christiane Maskineh

Chairperson and cofounder | Centre of Clinical, Health Economics, and Outcome Research​  (CCHO)

Christiane Maskineh is the Chairperson and cofounder of CCHO, a consultancy firm specialized in Health Economics and Outcomes Research. She has over 20 years' experience working in many areas of commercialization at J&J pharmaceutical in MEWA region. She is currently finalizing her PhD at St joseph/ Paris Dauphine university, researching on Health Technology Assessment relevant projects and innovative partnership programs between multi-stakeholders in both public and private sectors. She has a specific research interest in the interface between policy makers, payers, academics, and industry leadership and how collaboration in biomedical R&D to accelerate innovation access to patients benefit-risk considerations are managed effectively. Christiane has a BSc in Biology and a postgraduate MBA in Marketing and currently finalizing her Doctorate in Business Administration at Paris Dauphine France and St Joseph University in Lebanon.​

Sizar Akoum

Project Coordinator and Biomedical Engineer | Ministry of Public Health, Lebanon

Sizar Akoum is a project coordinator and biomedical engineer in the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon since 2004; she worked as a consultant o​n the World Bank-financed Rehabilitation Project for the Health Sector between 1997 and 2003. With more than 18 years of experience in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health sector projects, Ms. Akoum is currently in charge of projects related to health sector reform in Lebanon (Hospital accreditation program, establishment of a medical device evaluation program, reorganization of blood transfusion processes at the national level) and acts as a referent between the Ministry of Health and governmental and international organizations, Including WHO and UNDP. In addition, she coordinates public hospital equipment projects and supervises the development of human resources (development of educational activities within healthcare organizations). Ms. Akoum is also an instructor of university education on subjects relevant to her field of work: medical technology assessment, implementation of accreditation procedures, quality assurance and project management​. ​​​

Joe Max Wakim

Director of IT Medical Center Processes and Systems | American University of Beirut Medical Center, Lebanon​​​​


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